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Next Roast Date: 5th of February

Exceedingly Rare
Receive 1 bag of our most exclusive coffee each month. Guaranteed.

This subscription service gives you guaranteed access to our high-scoring rarities. Only available to our Masterpiece Subscribers.

Who is next?
Cruz Loma Sidra & Typica from Ecuador
is our February Masterpiece.

Experience The Best of The Best
Working closely with some of the worlds top coffee growers, we started buying their absolutely rarities: from Gesha to Sudan Rume. Oftentimes experimental lots with extreme processing, very high scoring and sky-high pricing. This is an opportunity for farmers to get their names out and proof what they are capable of. We love roasting those super interesting coffees with complex cup profiles and exclusive varietals.

Signing up for this Masterpiece Subscription Service you are buying your coffee at a great price advantage compared to our regular retail pricing. Shipping costs are included. 

How does the Masterpiece Subscription work?
All Masterpiece Subscriptions leave our house on one single day at the start of each month. Sign up before the end of a month, to receive the next Masterpiece that we dispatch at the start of the following month. Example: Sign up Date: 3rd May. You will receive the Masterpiece that we send out at the start of June. 

Canada Customers
Shipping included - taxes and import fees not included

More on pricing
Our Masterpieces undergo intense processing and those coffees are exceedingly rare. Often we buy them through online auctions whereby roasters are bidding up the prices for those rare Gems. The sky is the limit. 

The reference retail value of this bag will always be at a minimum of USD 50. The bean weight we send out may differ because of the differences in pricing we pay for each individual lot to the coffee producer. As a rule of thumb: The bean weight per bag will mainly range from 100gr to 200gr of coffee. 

Previous Masterpieces
January 2023: Santa Teresa Geisha - Panama
December 2022: Yemen Alchemy - Yemen
November 2022: Sudan Rume Natural - Colombia
October 2022: Finca Auromar - Panama
September 2022: El Obraje Washed - Colombia
August 2022: El Burro Geisha Washed. Lamastus Estate - Panama
July 2022: Yemen Alchemy. Bait Alal - Yemen
June 2022: Gesha Village Natural. Bench Maji - Ethiopia
May 2022: El Obraje Gesha. Nari
ño - Colombia
April 2022: Mokka. Finca Hawaii - Colombia
March 2022: Geisha natural. Elida Estate - Panama 
February 2022: Wush Wush double anaerobic. La Negrita - Colombia
January 2022: Napoleon Geisha anaerobic. Cerro Azul - Colombia

What's In The Box

If you sign up now, you would receive these coffees in your delivery

Our next Masterpiece will be dispatched at the Start of February - Cruz Loma Sidra & Typica
We are currently cupping to find the best coffee for you.

Delivery Schedule

We ship once a month. Place your orders before the 5th of next month to be included.

Brew Guide

Best enjoyed on a V60 at 2:30 min, 16g of beans, medium grind size, 250ml water at 94°C.

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