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Next Roast Date: 4th of January

Our coffee portfolio is exclusively Single Origin Quality - no blends. We are working closely with our coffee partners with a view to push up coffee qualities so you can experience clean flavours of the terroir. Always in our light signature roast style.

Experience two new coffees each month
You will receive 2x 250g of freshly roasted coffee beans each month, carefully curated for you. 

Canada Customers
Shipping included - taxes and import fees not included

Choose your roast style: Espresso or Filter Roast.

When do you receive your subscription coffee?
All coffees are leaving our house straight after roast. Our new Service for the USA & Canada works like this: We ship on one single day at the start of each month to our warehouse in the US. From there we send it out with local mail to you. No more hassle with customs - shipping included.

Sign up before the end of a month, to receive the next Curated coffees that we dispatch at the start of the following month. Example: Sign up Date: 3rd May. You will receive the Masterpiece that we send out at the start of June.

What's In The Box

If you sign up now, you would receive these coffees in your delivery

Christmas Coffee - Huye Mountain Washed, Rwanda: Chocolate. Winter Spices.
Full Bloom, Brazil: Peach. Caramel.

Christmas Coffee - Huye Mountain Washed, Rwanda: Chocolate. Winter Spices.
Ivan Dos Santos, Brazil: Belgian Chocolate. Pecan Pie.

We are currently cupping to find the best coffee for you.

Delivery Schedule

We ship once a month. Place your orders before the 5th of next month to be included.

Brew Guide

Best enjoyed on a V60 at 2:30 min, 16g of beans, medium grind size, 250ml water at 94°C.

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